Quorr Rift

“Quorr” is natural energy that flows through Halvar, and “Quorra” is the use of this energy by those who can wield it. In the early days of Halvar, Sendrol created seven rifts in the earth, where quorr could be drawn out for his use. Artwork credit goes to my friend, Micah Brown. https://intergalacticmonkey.artstation.com/ Advertisements

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My father was a great king whose life was wrought with tragedy and pain. Even through the darkest of times he would become a beacon of hope for those living in the time of shadow. The beginning of the first century was marked by their arrival and my father, Aglorad, was still in his mother’s womb. It […]

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Chapter One (Concept)

Gazing at the world from the cliffs edge, Avian felt at peace. Everything looks smaller when you are standing high above it. Problems seem to shrink until the only thing you feel is the cool wind on your face and the warmth of the sun. That was one of the reasons why Avian loved flying […]

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August 23rd, 2017

I’ve been working on these “Scene Drafts” for Avian and the Dragon (which is a working title by the way) and it’s because that’s how I write best. I’ve tried different methods to write my stories, but nothing felt right. As soon as I started writing the scenes out that kept playing in my mind […]

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August 22nd, 2017

It’s taken me six months, but I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally posted to this website! The goal is to fill this site up with my story concepts, works in progress, and random blogs about the writing process. Why? I have no idea, other than it sounds fun.

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Note to the Reader

Everything posted here is a first draft. Eventually these drafts will be compiled to form a manuscript worth proper editing. Until then, my apologies for any grammatical errors. You are reading this in its rawest form.

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