Chapter Six

Reigan hurried home on horseback. He was only half way through his week-long assignment at the airfield when he received the queen’s summons. To his family’s knowledge, he wasn’t due home for a few more days. He rode up to the path that lead to his house and allowed himself a moment to take in […]

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Chapter Five

The forests of Hardhelm were vast and the trees seemed to pour down from the mountains engulfing the kingdom’s capital in green. The city of Vokes was built from the oak trees that made up the forest. The air felt cool and fresh always carrying a sweet smell from the trees and surrounding growth. The […]

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Chapter Four

Avian reported to his watch captain in the morning. Squadron headquarters was in a bustle. Everyone was arguing until they noticed Avian in the room. All at once the room fell silent and everyone stopped what they were doing. The watch captain set down the papers that where in his hand and stepped towards Avian. […]

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Chapter Three

The train screeched to a halt like it always did. Avian was already half awake and this was his stop, so he got up and stretched out. He could see Celeste standing outside of the train waiting for him. They locked eyes and she waved at him with a smile. They greeted each other casually […]

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Chapter Two

Avian stopped by the tavern for a drink while he waited for his train to arrive. The airfield and army barracks were positioned outside of the city on the western side. This area was commonly referred to as “The Mess”. This is because the people going out there were probably going to join the fight […]

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Chapter One

Gazing at the world from the cliffs edge, Avian felt at peace. Everything looks smaller when you are standing high above it. Problems seem to shrink until the only thing you feel is the cool wind on your face and the warmth of the sun. That was one of the reasons why Avian loved flying […]

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Note to the Reader

Everything posted here is a first draft. Eventually these drafts will be compiled to form a manuscript worth proper editing. Until then, my apologies for any grammatical errors. You are reading this in its rawest form.

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