Quorr Rift

“Quorr” is natural energy that flows through Halvar, and “Quorra” is the use of this energy by those who can wield it. In the early days of Halvar, Sendrol created seven rifts in the earth, where quorr could be drawn out for his use. Artwork credit goes to my friend, Micah Brown. https://intergalacticmonkey.artstation.com/

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My father was a great king whose life was wrought with tragedy and pain. Even through the darkest of times he would become a beacon of hope for those living in the time of shadow. The beginning of the first century was marked by their arrival and my father, Aglorad, was still in his mother’s womb. It […]

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I, Eylohil, son of Aglorad, King of Theylofeal, do swear to make an honest account of the events that took place from the oppression of Valathil and Theylofeal to the time of this writing. May my words stand up to the scrutiny of firsthand accounts, as well as to historians. More importantly, may these words stand the […]

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